This database has been produced by the Maritime Asia Heritage Survey to systematically inventory and document the history and material culture of the region.

Building upon a foundation of data collected by our own field survey work in the Maldives and Indonesia, the database also provides a framework for integrating pre-existing documentation supplied by project partners working in the region to build a robust archive allowing for greater accessibility, searchability, and comparative analysis.

In addition to spatial information, measurements, photographs, and field notes, records can also include architectural drawings, 3D models, oral history interviews, and other multi-media components.


Oral histories

This archive of oral history interview videos recorded in the course of MAHS field survey work, presents a range of local perspectives on the meanings of historical and archaeological sites by members of contemporary local communities.

Each person interviewed here has signed a consent form authorizing the posting of the interview recording on our website.

Special collections

In addition to conducting field survey work across the region, the MAHS also provides a platform for the integration of data sets generated by previous surveys, archaeological excavations, and artefact catalogues from partner institutions and individuals. Records from these special collections can be accessed through regular searches of the MAHS Database in searches that can highlight their connections to other data sets, and also explored on their own.

Point clouds

Full registered LiDAR point clouds and photogrammetry data sets produced by MAHS field survey work are available for free download at under Creative Commons licensing (CC BY-NC-ND). Visualizations in the form of video fly-throughs and interactive 3D models produced with this data are linked from their respective database entries, and can also be browsed here and on our Sketchfab account.