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This monument marks the grave of a daughter of Sultan Zayn al-Abidin (d. 1401) of Pasai (Aceh, Indonesia). The stone is white marble, imported from Gujerat in India to Pasai on the island of Sumatra in the early fifteenth century. Its inscription dates her death to 1428, and gives her name as Rabghisa Khadira. Local tradition in Pasai today refers to the monument most commonly as the grave of Malikah Nahrasyihah.

The work of the MAHS Indonesia Team has been carried out collaboratively with BPCB Aceh and the Department of Education and Culture offices of each district.

Please check the 3D model of this monument at
For open-access to our complete dataset of archaeological sites and historical artifacts from the Maldives, Indonesia, and other countries of the region, pease visit us at:

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The latest installment of the MAHS Blog is an essay by Anne Haour: An Archaeological Insight into the Medieval Maldives…/

This essay presents the results of excavations conducted at Kinolhas in the Maldives between 2013 and 2019, as well as her latest book.

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At low tide, the ruins of several structures and a number of old Muslim gravestones are visible on the shore along at Ujong Pancu in Lamguron, Lambadeuk, Lambaro Neujid and Lampageu villages, Aceh Besar, Indonesia. Heavy concentrations of ceramic sherds are also found across this stretch of coast.

This seaside site at the northern tip of Sumatra is rapidly being submerged, and in danger to being lost to study by historians and archaeologists.

Working collaboratively with BPCB Aceh, the MAHS Indonesia field team is currently working to document this site. All survey data, including an orthophotomap of the site will be made open-access available on the project website:

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Baa Miskiyy is a coralstone mosque in Nellaidhoo, Haa Dhaalu (South Thiladhunmathi), Maldives. This mosque was built in early 20th century using coral rubble and lime plaster. The interior of the prayer hall featured four carved columns topped with lacquered thona and beams. It was used for congregational prayers between 1917-1974.

MAHS Team has documented this site in the course of its systematic survey of Haa Dhaalu atoll. Please visit our website to see more:

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