Ario Wibhisono

MAHS Indonesia Field Team Member


Ario Wibhisono is a photographer for the MAHS Indonesia Field Survey Team. He developed his interest in traditional analog photography when he studied journalism at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia. After graduating in 2008, he spent four years working as a corporate videographer in Timika and later decided to move back to Bandung to pursue his curiosity for the historical photographic processes. He’s been exploring alternative and historical processes since 2012, and currently working mainly with large format cameras and home made emulsion such as collodion. He assisted Jez O’Hare documenting artefacts, manuscripts and heritage sites in the West Java area for Sunda Heritage Book in 2013, and later on 2015 started documenting and producing artwork reproduction for art galleries and individual artists. He is also a founding member of Karaka Lab, a group focusing on traditional and alternative photographic processes which also try to preserve and educate people about traditional photographic techniques.