Alexandru Hegyi

Digital Heritage Manager


Alexandru Hegyi is currently working as a Digital Heritage Manager for the Maritime Asia Heritage Survey Project, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University. He studied at Western University of Timișoara, Romania, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in History and his master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Archaeology. He continued his studies at the same university’s Department of Geography, where he was awarded his doctorate in 2018 with a thesis in the fields of geosciences applied in archaeology. Alexandru has been appointed as a postdoctoral researcher at the Chair “Sylvia Ioannou Foundation” for Digital Humanities (Cyprus University, Archaeological Research Unit) during the year 2019-2020. He is also the PI and Director of the MegaForts Project, founded by the Romanian government. His main publishing activity is dealing with the study of the human past and heritage.

Alexandru Hegyi has been involved in several previous international projects in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Montenegro, Albania, Cyprus, and Greece.


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