SEN-HTD-5 | Masjidul Musa Cemetery

According to our forefathers, the gravestones (SEN-HTD-5-GS1 and SEN-HTD-5-GS2) were originally located in Gan. The story goes that some people went to get these stones from Gan. However, they were banned to get the stones by the inhabitants of Gan. But, according to the story, the next day the two stones magically came to this cemetery through a small lake called “Dhonkalo Kilhi” which is connected to the sea, near this cemetery. This lake is no longer here.

When children have difficulty studying/reciting Quran people will bring their children to this bisthan. The cemetery was originally a lot bigger. The area surrounding the nearby Masjidul Musa Mosque used to be part of the cemetery as well.

MHS Site record number : SEN-HTD-5
Interlocutor : Ahmed Didi, Age: 59
Interviewer : Muhammad Shamran
Date : 16 September 2019
Atoll : Sennu
Island : Hitadhoo
Address : Majeedheege