KFA-GFR-1 | Bodu Miskiiy complex

Umar Hussain explains that this mosque was constructed similar to other old mosques with a hip roof, adding “There is no particular name given to the mosque. We call it “Bodu Miskiyy” (lit. ‘Big Mosque’). There is no Ziyaarat of any sort in the mosque boundary area.

In the Veranda (dhaala) of the mosque there was previously a flag.” While not attributing any significance to the flag himself, he notes that others referred to it by the name ‘Magaamfulhu’. “There is only a single female gravestone here now and nothing else.”

MHS Site record number : KFA-GFR-1 (Bodu Miskiiy)
Interlocutor : Umar Hussain., Age: 79
Interviewer : Ibrahim Mujah
Date : 18 February 2019
Atoll : Kaafu
Island : Gaafaru
Address : Rai’bageechaage