Thinley Jamtsho Tshering

MAHS Thailand Field Team Member


Thinley Jamtsho Tshering is MAHS Thailand Project Administrator. He is an assistant researcher and a master’s degree student at the Faculty of Architecture, Silpakorn University in Thailand. At the Excellence Centre for Integrated Research of World Heritage, Creative City and Historic Urban Landscape in Southeast Asia (IWCH), he has been involved international collaborative projects. In his country, he was among the first batch of architects and engineers to join the national training on Conservation of Heritage Buildings in Bhutan.

His area of interest revolves around the conservation and management of culture and heritage, with a focus on collaborating with local communities while also seeking global connections and networks. He is passionate about researching and documenting heritage sites using technologies such as remote sensing, 3D laser technology, geographic information systems, and other related techniques.

Outside of work, he finds inspiration in traditional Bhutanese music and instruments and is a passionate musician.