Susanto Zuhdi



Universitas Indonesia (UI)
Senior Member of the History Department, Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia;


Susanto Zuhdi, (Member of International Advisory Board for the Maritime Asia Heritage Survey), is a Professor of History in the History Department, Faculty of Humanities of Universitas Indonesia. He was formerly the Director of Historical Geography Directorate, under the Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, one of the political expert staffs of the Indonesian Minister of Defense, and now is remainingly active as a senior member of the faculty. He also spent years in the Indonesian Defense University as a Lecturer. He has great interest toward Indonesian maritime history and historical geography, especially on its relations to the development of ports and maritime networking in Southeast Asia. His academic works varied from the implication of the 1942–1945 Japanese occupation in Bogor, West Java (2017), the rise and fall of the Port of Cilacap in southern coast of Central Java (2017), to the forgotten story of the Butonese people in Southeastern Sulawesi (2018) and their diasporic culture (2019), which all brought a resourceful insight for studies on Indonesian maritime history. For the past three years, he had been involved in a research on the local history and oral tradition of the people in Indonesia’s eastern archipelago, particularly on both North Maluku and Maluku Province, along with a number of researchers from various academic backgrounds.


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