New Documentation at Kuruhinna Tharaagadu

Much of the team’s work on the island of Kaashidhoo has been focused on the site of a former Buddhist monastery at Kuruhinna Tharaagadu. This is one of only a very few sites in the Maldives to have been previously studied through a scientific archaeological investigation, led by Dr Egil Mikkelsen and a team from the National Centre for Linguistic  and Historical Research in 1996-1998. A full report on this is accessible through the MHS website – Archaeological Excavations of a Monastery at Kaashidhoo. In our recent work there, we cleared the accumulated overgrowth on the site, and made a  comprehensive new set of visual records using drone fly-overs, photogrammetry and 3D laser scanning. These new images will soon be made available through our online database.



8 March 2019