Manuscripts: Royal decree

Documents in this section include both manuscripts and early printed forms of broadsheets complete with royal seals and signatures issued by the sultans of the Maldives.


A royal decree by Sulṭān Ḥasan Nur al-Dīn (II) Iskandar Sulṭān Muḥammad Mu'in al-Dīn signed and stamped with a seal in purple ink at the top of the page. According to advice given by the advisor to the king (Musthashaaru), Amīr Hajj Abdul Majeedhudhee Ranna Bandeyri Kileygefaanu and agreed to by his ministers, the government announced a suspension on the collection of taxes from the citizens of the country, effective from 1 Rajab. To compensate the loss in revenue caused by this decision, all traders selling goods to Malé or abroad would now incur the following tariffs: 1) one laari from every 454g of fish, 2) one laari from every fish they count, 3) 30 laari from every Boli handharu (50848g of shells), 4) 60 laari from every 1000 large coconuts, 5) 15 laari from every 1000 small coconuts. This letter was written by the officer supervising commodity trade in Malé, Faamudheyrigey Aḥmād Alaage Fuiy Ādam Alaaleen. It is stored rolled in a bamboo tube (HDH-VKD-13-SO2) ) along with (HDH-VKD-13-MS2).