Manuscripts: Qur’an manuscript

Browse a library of hand-written Qur’anic texts copied in Arabic both at the court in Malé and at local sites on islands all across the country


Partial Qur'anic text containing a collectoin of texts from s. al-Baqarah (2), s. al-Aḥqāf (46), s. Muḥammad (47), s. al-Fatḥ (48), s, al-Wāqi'ah (56), s. al-Munāfiquūn (63), s. al-Qiyāmah (75), s. al-Ma'arij (70), s. al-Mursalāt (77) and all of juz' 30 (s. 80-114). Text in black ink, with reading marks and surah headings in red ink. ontains a short colophon containing the name of the scribe and date of copying: "Hand writing of 'Abd Allah Khāṭib Muḥammad b. Khāṭib 1135H./1723CE." Red, black and blue ink with ornamental red ink frames composed of Goh Kurehun and Maa Kurehun motifs.