Fort Belgica | MAHS-IDN-MLK-MLT-BDA-S-001

Fort Belgica (MAHS-IDN-MLK-MLT-BDA-S-001) was built by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) to support its coercive monopoly on the spice trade in this eastern Indonesian archipelago. It is located on the Tabaleko hills, on the site of a small settlement that had earlier served as a stronghold for the people of Banda during the invasion of the Portuguese in the sixteenth century. Several fortifications have stood on the site over the centuries that followed, and the current structure dates to 1621.

This interview features Saiful Karmen, the Chairman of the HPI (Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia) /Indonesian Tourist Guide Association (ITGA) in Banda Neira.

The full metadata for this oral history interview can be found in the Maritime Asia Heritage Survey database under record (MAHS-IDN-MLK-MLT-BDA-S-001-OH-001)

Director: Rinaldi Ad
Executive Producer : Multia Zahara, Ahmad Zaki
Drone: Fauzan Azhima
Interviewer: M. Afif Hasibuan
Editor, Colorist, DoP: Rinaldi Ad
Interview Summary: Ahmad Zaki